20″ Four Pillars Recycler Rig

Imagine yourself smoking in a 20″ Four Pillars Recycler Rig that is designed for every serious smoker who demands style and functionality in their smoking accessories. The recycler system of this rig also helps to prevent water from reaching your mouth, ensuring a clean and comfortable smoking experience. The compact and ergonomic design of the rig allows for easy handling and transport, making it perfect for both home and on-the-go smoking sessions.


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Take A Hit in Style with Our Elegant 20″ Four Pillars Recycler Dab Smoking Rig!

The 20″ Four Pillars Recycler Rig is a functional work of art that’s designed to take your smoking experience to the next level. Handcrafted with precision, this rig features a stunning four-pillar design that’s sure to turn heads. But the Four Pillars Recycler Rig is more than just a pretty face. It boasts a highly efficient recycler system that filters your smoke, ensuring that every hit is smooth, cool, and free of impurities. With its spacious chamber and high-quality borosilicate glass construction, this rig is built to last. It’s also incredibly easy to clean, making it a low-maintenance addition to your smoking collection.

  • Made from durable borosilicate glass
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Available in different attractive colors
  • Ergonomically designed

Why settle for a mediocre rig when you can have the best? Order your Four Pillars Recycler Dab Smoking Rig today and take your smoking game to the next level.


Green, White, Yellow, Light Orange, Blue, Yellow-Red, Blue with Filters, Orange-Black, White-Black, Red-Black, Green-Orange, Blue-Red, Navy Blue, Dark Green, Light Green


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