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7″ Grav Rain Bubbler


Sold out!


Experience The Ultimate Smoking with a 7” GRAV Rain Bubbler!

Have you been dreaming about getting a comfortable grip and easy inhale? Don’t worry and buy the 7” GRAV Rain Bubbler that combines a classic bubbler with a showerhead-style downstem for enhanced filtration and cooling of the smoke. The downstem features multiple holes that create a showerhead effect, which disperses the smoke and water for a smooth and refreshing hit. Every smoking enthusiast should have this amazing smoking accessory in their collection for smoother and cooler hits.

  • Made from durable borosilicate glass
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Available in different colors
  • Ergonomically designed

Experience Smooth, Refreshing Hits with the 7” GRAV Rain Bubbler – The Ultimate Hydrating Smoking Companion!

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White (Recycler), Blue (Recycler), Yellow (Recycler), Green (Regular)

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