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Embrace the mouthwatering fusion of CBD and bananas and experience a smoking adventure like no other. With our carefully handcrafted CBD Pre-Rolls, we’ve combined the finest organically grown hemp flower with the luscious essence of ripe bananas. Each puff delivers a smooth and tantalizing fusion of flavors, as the natural sweetness of bananas mingles with the earthy notes of CBD.


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Introducing our “Banana Bliss” CBD Pre-Rolls, where the tropical allure of bananas meets the soothing power of CBD. Get ready to embark on a smoking experience that will transport your senses to a sun-drenched island getaway. As you ignite the Banana Bliss CBD Pre-Roll, the air becomes infused with a tropical aroma that instantly transports you to a hammock on a sandy beach. The smooth smoke caresses your taste buds, releasing the delightful taste of fresh bananas with every exhale.

  • Multiple Strain Options
  • Smell-Proof & Air-Tight Seal
  • 100% Fresh Ground Buds
  • Organic Indoor Flower
  • No Additives

Experience the ultimate fusion of relaxation and tropical delight with our CBD Banana Pre-Rolls. Don’t miss out on this exquisite smoking experience.


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