Levels Scale X-Tank Series (500g x 0.1g)

Step into a world where precision meets ruggedness—the Levels Scale X-Tank Series. Engineered with precision weighing in mind, this scale offers a generous weight capacity of up to 500 grams, with an astonishing precision of 0.1 grams. Whether you’re a dedicated professional, an adventurous outdoors enthusiast, or a DIY enthusiast, this scale ensures you achieve accurate measurements in any environment.


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Add precision to your CBD sessions with Level Scale X Tank Series!

Discover the perfect balance between performance, precision, and CBD enjoyment with our Level Scale X Tank Series. Crafted with precision and designed with CBD-specific features, this tank takes your CBD vaping to a whole new level. The sleek aesthetics with functional design complements every CBD vape mod. Its ergonomic shape and intuitive airflow control make it easy to use and deliver a satisfying CBD vaping experience.

  • Adjustable Digital Filtering
  • Stainless Steel Platform
  • Supports Most Major POS Protocols
  • Tower Display and Remote Display
  • USB-B Port Standard

Try the X-Tank Series and discover the perfect balance between performance, precision, and CBD enjoyment. Upgrade your CBD vaping setup and unlock the full potential of your favorite CBD e-liquids.


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