Many of the smokers novelties have gone through a certain evolution and one of them that deserves special mention is the transformation of the silicone bongs. Thus these devices are a sharp tool in comparison to the conventional glass bongs and have many advantageous offers that make them propitious among smokers. As mentioned before, this post examines the positive aspects of silicone bongs for sale, the way they are utilized, and tips to care for them so that they offer optimal advantages when you are smoking.

What Are Silicone Bongs?

Silicone bongs are smoking articles made from Silicone which is a flexible, pliable material that is as defiant as any other smoking items such as glass bongs but due to its material it can easily withstand heat and is non-toxic in nature. Unlike typical glass bongs that can crack or break easily, a bong made out of silicone is practically indissoluble thereby making it suitable for any smoker, be it a novice or an expert.

Benefits of Silicone Bongs

Nowadays, some differences can be pointed out the following advantages that make silicone bongs better than glass ones. Here are some key benefits:

  • Durability: As for the advantages of using silicone bongs, there is one essential advantage: This type of product is extremely durable. While glass is known to crack and break easily, silicone is a much more robust material; therefore, do not stress about dropping your device accidentally or having it bumped onto the stairs. This makes silicone bongs ideal for carrying along when hiking, camping, and other such activities as well as daily use without necessarily having to worry about the item breaking.
  • Flexibility: Bongs can be slightly twisted, bent or even folded without posing any harm because silicone is a flexible material. This is particularly beneficial since they can be taken anywhere due to the flexible nature in storing them. Thus, they can be placed in an airy pack or a suitcase and remain rather compact and weightless as well as be reliably protected from potential damages.
  • Heat Resistance: When it comes to durability, there is a unique kind known as the soft silicone bongs which can easily be rolled and can also be used with hot water or for long periods of use. The material is safe if its combustible as it does not emit toxic fumes when exposed to heat for smoking material.
  • Easy to Clean: Silicone bong could be described as being more convenient to clean as compared to a glass bong due to the reasons that it has fewer parts which are definitely more durable. To begin with, silicone does not adhere to the resin and therefore helps to reach all the blind spots; Secondly, silicone also enables one to bend and reach difficult to access surрlcеs. This is true with a majority of silicone bongs and what is even more exciting is that most of them are dishwasher safe hence easy to clean.
  • Affordable: Still, another primary variation is that silicone bongs are cheaper in comparison with the glass bongs. This makes them an ideal candidate for those trying to look for a pipe that is cheap yet it can serve like the high-end glass pipes.
  • Variety of Designs: One important benefit associated with the use of silicone bongs is that they are available in different colors, shapes and sizes which in essence will allow the user to opt for one that they would prefer to use. They come in any color and general appearance that a user may feel comfortable about, yet a person may prefer a colored silicone bong that has the dull look of the traditional bongs or go in for the artistic look that is artistic.

How To Use A Silicone Bong

Drawing through the best silicone bong will feel identical as drawing through a glass bong and would need roughly the same effort to clear the piece. Here’s are the steps:

  1. Add Water into the Bong
    Bong first needs to be filled with water in the base part of the bong. It is important here to allow the water to rise slightly above the bottom end of the downstem, to cover the slits or holes present at the area. This assists to filter as well as cool the smoke for a better and much smoother pull on the cigarette.
  2. Prepare Your Herb
    Chop your herb to a semi-fine or fine consistency depending on its size. Do not pound it too small because this may make it clog the process of preparing the concoction. After each grinding, place the herb into the bowl piece as tightly as possible. The only thing you should be weary of is not over doing it to the extent of causing an improper circulation of air.
  3. Attach the Bowl Piece
    Place the bowl piece on top end of the downstem. Make sure it’s safe and properly placed so that no spillage of the substance will happen.
  4. Light and Inhale
    To begin, grasp the cylindrical part of the bong with one hand and the other hand should be used to ignite the whole plant. To begin with, place the lighter over the bowl then take your time as you draw the smoke into your mouth by blowing it into the mouthpiece. The smoke will pass through water and begin a process of cooling and purification before it gets a chance to enter your lungs.
  5. Clear the Bong
    After you’ve taken sufficient puffs of the smoke, Q-tip or cig roll, take the bowl piece out to empty the bong. This enables fresh air to get into the chamber and this forces the remaining smoke to be gulped into the lungs.


Silicone bongs are a contemporary, strong and flexible type of bongs besides the traditional glass bongs. Their advantages, which include the ability to withstand wear and tear, flexibility, heat resistance and easy to clean, make smokers of all levels to embrace them. From the aspects of usage and maintenance described in this post, you can easily have a better smoking experience with your small silicone bong. 

For those that have been smoking for quite a while now or for those that are just getting started with bongs, a silicone bong can make your sessions even better because of its practicality and efficiency. Experience the different kinds of designs that are there in the market that you can choose from and get your favorite silicone bong. If properly taken care of, your silicone bong will give you that smooth, long-lasting experience when it comes to the use of bongs. Order silicone bongs now from Delusion Smoke to enjoy premium, durable products that will provide you with a robust, flexible, and colorful smoking experience.